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Puddle Pads

NollieCovers Puddle Pads
We have designed the most wonderful product
"Nollie Puddle Pad"
Fits in the lower section of your infant car seat,
your baby sits in the puddle pad, made out of soft minky fabrics, padded,
lined with waterproof fabric, no wet spills.
Machine wash and dryer safe.
Made to protect your NollieCover from messy diaper and wetness
accidents. Nollie Puddle pad is easy to remove and
wash keeps your  Nollie Cover clean and dry.
Protect your investment.
Puddle pads are custom made to match your NollieCovers we use the matching minky fabrics for our Puddle Pads.
To purchase your Puddle Pad select the cover name from Infant or Toddler car seat section:

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