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NollieCovers Policy:
Production Time:
On regular Replacement Car seat Covers 
( Predesigned of the Website)
4-6 weeks plus shipping time.

Custom Organic and Custom Designer and
Sport team Covers 8-10 weeks to sew plus shipping time.

Slipcovers- 3-4 weeks plus shipping time.

Please check order status
via email (ONLY)
Email us:

RUSH ORDERS - $35.00-$45.00 in about half the time.
(Monogram and custom fabrics add time)

No returns or refunds all work is Custom!
Any problems with your cover  must be 
reported within 30 days from purchase date.

ORGANIC Toddler Replacement Covers

We have selected the softest 100% certified Organic cottons, terry and velour. 

2 layers of 100% organic  cotton padding
included in the price 
All Organic fabrics are special ordered for each client and this will add additional time to every RUSH order.
Outside-100% certified Organic Cotton
  • Organic cotton has a low-impact on the environment and handlers. It is grown and harvested by methods that do not use toxic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or defoliants. It relies on natural methods which includes (but is not limited to) crop rotation and cow manure for soil fertility; beneficial predator insects; lengthened growing periods for natural defoliation; and hand-picking, which results in less waste. The statistics from various countries on the health issues of the farmers and handlers of chemically treated crops are startling. The health benefits of organically grown cotton are clear, as are the environmental aspects: reduced toxins and pollutants which infiltrate both the soil and water systems and consequently all living things. It might also be interesting to know also that the cottonseed meal, which is a byproduct of the ginning process, including that of chemically treated cotton, is fed to livestock and can come to us in the form of cottonseed oil in our foods. 

    If you prefer Organic Wool for an additional fee.

    Organic Bliss Covers are fully padded with :
    2 layers of  100% organic wool padding
     (product is made from sheep/lamb and can give off a natural odor)
  • Wool acts as a natural insulator keeping your baby warm in winter and cool in summer (there is a premium charge for wool)
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic
  • Repels dust mites
  • Regulates body temperature for an even and restful sleep
  • Wool is naturally flame retardant.

    (There is a premium charge of $60 per cover for Organic wool padding)
  • Great News!
    We are expanding our ORGANIC cover selection
    with new fabrics to choose from.
    Check back with us often as we will frequently be adding new fabrics.
  •  NEW Organic NollieCovers! 
  • ORDER Organic Toddler Covers
    ORDER Organic Toddler Covers

    Baby Crystal Rose
    Baby Crystal Rose
    $279.00 $179.00

    Baby Silver Rose
    Baby Silver Rose
    $279.00 $179.00

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