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No returns or refunds all work is Custom!
Any problems with your cover  must be 
reported within 30 days from purchase date.

How to clean NollieCovers.

NollieCovers washing instructions.
Thank you for purchasing a NöllieCover.  

All of the fabrics we use to
custom design your cover are hand selected - each one is soft and cozy, and each one always has our
special, extra-thick padding; it’s like sitting on a fluffy cloud.
Every replacement cover and canopy are fully lined.  All seams are double stitched to insure durability.
Hand-crafted in Oceanside, California, made in the USA, just for you and your baby.  
You just remove your old car seat cover for Toddler seats and car seat cover and canopy for infant car seats and slip on your NöllieCover.  

NöllieCovers are machine washable:
Warm water for light colored covers.
Cold water for dark colored covers.

For stains and tough spots, use OxyClean stain remover, please follow OxyClean manufactures instructions.
(Do not  bleach your NollieCover)

We recommend that you place your cover in the dryer for about 10 minutes,
 remove while cover is still
a bit damp,
stretch cover to shape to remove wrinkles and allow the cover to air-dry.  
This will insure
that your cover keeps its
shape and color for a long time.
(Important: Infant Car Seat and Bugaboo Canopies-Spot Clean Only- if you need to wash your canopy, hand wash in luke warm to cold water, gently ring out excess water and hang to air dry! )

Your NöllieCover should give you years of durable comfort for your child. 
 Think of us as your child grows, should you purchase a new, larger carseat. 
 Please let us know if we can be of any other help
or assistance to you.
Your satisfaction is our highest goal.

NollieCovers are custom made for each client—they are not returnable or refundable (of course, if
there is a construction error, we will be more than happy to fix it for you or replace your cover.

Ride in Style with your NöllieCover.

Please call us with any question.
(760) 295-4383

Enjoy your purchase
Basia Duenckel


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